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Marching Illini visit the Loop and play the Three-In-One

I was sitting in my office overlooking Monroe and Dearborn Streets at noon today and suddenly heard the sounds of a marching band. I looked out the window and saw the Marching Illini assembled about a block away at Madison and Dearborn. After listening several pieces, including “Illinois Loyalty,” from my 19th floor perch, I wandered down to street level to catch the rest of the performance, including the “Three-In-One” in the video above. You can also see and hear the video on my YouTube channel.

The band director said that the “Three-In-One” was first played in 1926 and that this year marks its 90th anniversary. The entry for the Marching Illini on Wikipedia states:

The musical portion of the Three-In-One consists of three distinct Illinois pieces: “Pride of the Illini,” “March of the Illini,” and “Hail to the Orange.” “Pride of the Illini,” written by Karl King with words by Ray Dvorak expressly for the Illinois Bands, was published in 1928. Harry Alford’s “March of the Illini” was also published in 1928, but was used during Chief Illinwek’s performance from the beginning in 1926. ″Hail to the Orange″ was written by Harold V. Hill with words by Howard R. Green in 1910. The three pieces were eventually combined into a medley and given the title, “Three-In-One.” The “Three-In-One” drill and music are an important part of the University’s heritage.

Enjoy the performance, but please excuse my off-key participation in the singing of “Hail to the Orange.”

Springtime snow in Chicago

Springtime in Chicago

At long last, spring officially arrived in Chicago on Saturday, the vernal equinox. Or at least it did according to the calendar. Unfortunately, Mother Nature forgot to check the calendar and treated us to some very winter-like weather today.

The forecast is for above-freezing temperatures tomorrow and Wednesday before dropping again at the end of the week, so with any luck, our Winter Wonderland will be gone before the cold weather returns.2015-03-23 09.35.21

Spring Break in Chicago

Spring breaks in ChicagoMy son Robert is home from Ohio University this week, enjoying his so-called “Spring Break” in Chicago. The official temperature in Chicago is predicted to rise above freezing tomorrow (March 7) for the first time in two weeks. As you can see from the photo above, the Chicago River is already enjoying its Spring Break.

A still from a six-minute time lapse of Chicago at night from Wheaton photographer Max Wilson. © Max Wilson

Chicago like you’ve never seen it: Windy City Nights

I’ve lived in Chicago for more than 35 years and I’ve spent many, many evenings enjoying downtown Chicago at night. Seeing the Museum Campus and Grant Park after a night game at Soldier Field, strolling down Michigan Avenue after a concert at Symphony Hall, looking down on the lights of the city from the Signature Room at the 95th, boat rides at night on the Lake Michigan or the Chicago River or just watching the city from my office windows on those late nights working. I thought I knew downtown Chicago at night.

Well, Max Wilson has opened my eyes to a new view of Chicago. His six minute time lapse video of Chicago at night. “Windy City Nights” is an amazing piece of art for anyone but it is particularly moving for those of us who call Chicago home. Over a two year period, Wilson shot over 200,000 exposures which occupied more than 8 Terabytes of data storage. He wheedled building managements to give him access to rooftops and other vantage points that bring a new perspective while also taking fantastic shots from places where thousands of Chicagoans and visitors stand day after day. He has put in all into a six minute video that shows what a beautiful and amazing city Chicago is.

For more information about Max Wilson and to learn how to license his work, visit his website: www.photoalbumarchives.com

Image: A still from “Windy City Nights” by photographer Max Wilson. © Max Wilson